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EPS pickled steel is the favorite among sheet metal fabricators
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PythonX. No better way to fabricate structural steel beams.

TMW offers extensive steel storage with delivery
by rail, barge and truck.

The Ideal Steel for Fabricators

EPS pickling delivers a clean, scale-free surface that makes manufacturers more productive.


The process doesn't affect steel chemistry, so you use the same grades/specs you always have. But now it will have a uniform surface with no contaminants - no mill scale, rust or oil. That means nothing comes between your EPS steel and the welding arc, the stamping die or the laser beam.


This creates far-reaching benefits for fabricators (see the slideshow ), not to mention the fact that they no longer have to order and stock HRPO, hot roll black, pickled dry or SCS. EPS can replace them all.






Consistent Application Success


EPS pickled steel has amassed an impressive record of application performance in manufacturing plants. This includes success in rollforming and tube production, stamping, laser and plasma cutting, welding, painting, drawing/spinning, cold reduction, wheel hub drawing/spinning and general fabrication. EPS has typically replaced HRPO in such processes and users agree EPS beats HRPO hands down. Hear what they have to say at the Users Testimonials page.


For details of EPS experience in specific fabrication applications, click on the tabs below:


Hydroforming/Tube Production
A hydroformer likes EPS since it eliminates all scale from 6150 alloy and the surface is extremely clean. EPS has accumulated substantial tubing experience, including replacing cold roll with Castrip® steel that was EPS processed.
In numerous stamping applications, EPS has performed comparable to P&O. A 14-coil trial of oil'd EPS found no unusual die wear. Dry EPS may perform better, as it lets lubricants contact the steel directly.
Wheel Spinning/Deep Drawing
This processor saw no difference between EPS and acid-pickled steel.
Laser Cutting
EPS achieves much faster cutting speeds than HRPO. In one controlled test the EPS dry advantage was as much as 62% (get details). The ultra-flat, stress relieved shape of  EPS Unlimited assures no springback when laser cutting EPS material.
No dangerous welding fumes, plus stronger welds with no oil EPS.
Punching & Press Brake
No advantages or disadvantages vs. acid pickled.
EPS pickled steel offers important advantages for welders
For welders, EPS means no prep clean up, stronger,
more uniform weld beads and no noxious fumes from
burning through an oil film like that you'll find on HRPO.
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