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Plasma Cutting EPS Pickled Sheet Steel
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TMW's history of flat roll steel processing in
Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas

Application Experience: Steel Types & Downstream Processes

In addition to significant testing in accredited laboratories, EPS has been proven through real-world application experience. The first table below details the many steel types and 'downstream' processes where EPS has been applied and the results. The second table details EPS experience in fabrication and finishing operations.




Cold reduction:
  • annealed, then cold reduced
  • cold reduced, then annealed
  • cold reduced, then galvanized

EPS low surface peak standard deviation (Rz) resulted in less draft from cold reduction. EPS removal of silicon streaks was noted, plus no oil in bell annealing lines because there's no oil on EPS.

Electrical Steel with high Si content

Unlike acid pickling, no need to slow EPS processing speed.

High Alloy/Harder Steel

Unlike acid pickling, no need to slow EPS processing speed. Read details of actual experience with faster processing speed. Some mills produce conventional hot roll with lower levels of magnetite and hematite (both prevalent in high alloy steels) to improve acid pickling performance. This inefficient practice is prevented with EPS.


A large user of EPS'd finished stainless reports they no longer need an environmentally hazardous etching to get good paint adhesion. EPS processing of hot roll stainless matches HF acid pickling scale removal at much faster speeds.

Batch Galvanizing

A processor batch galvanized parts made from EPS. The galvanizing went well – parts looked great. The normal process consists of acid cleaning and flux bath, then zinc bath. EPS eliminates the acid bath.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

When galvanizing EPS with heavier zinc coatings, adhesion was found to be much better than when using HRPO.

Eliminate Shot Blasting

A water heater manufacturer demonstrated that EPS allows them to eliminate dry shot blasting of heater tanks made from hot rolled black sheet. They dry shot blast prior to applying a heavy porcelain enamel coating that lines the tank, and EPS offers savings in cost and cycle time, plus leads to a better work environment. Get details.


Processes which have not yet been tested include:

     •  Tin Plating – looking for candidate processors to try EPS in this application.

Application Experience: Fabrication Processes



 Painting & Paint Pretreatment:
  a.  adhesion
  b.  corrosion
  c.  manual painting
  d.  paint pretreatment
  e.  SP-10 Military spec "white metal"

  a.  EPS paint adhesion tests superior to acid-pickled steel.
  b.  EPS meets or exceeds acid pickling's results in salt spray testing.
  c.  EPS dry eliminates need to clean off surface oil. Especially big  benefit for large
       assemblies that don't fit in paint prep systems.
  d.  EPS dry is much cleaner than P&O, so paint prep can be leaner.
  e.  EPS surpassed this finish spec, and since it remained rust free during
       fabrication, EPS eliminated the need to media blast the final product.

Hydroforming/Tube Production

Hydroformer likes EPS since it eliminates all scale from 6150 alloy  and surface is extremely clean. EPS has accumulated much tubing experience, including replacing cold roll with Castrip® steel.


In numerous stamping applications, EPS performs comparable to  P&O. A 14-coil trial of oil'd EPS found no unusual die wear. EPS Dry may perform better, as it lets lubricants contact the steel directly.

Wheel Spinning/Deep Drawing

This processor saw no difference between EPS and acid-pickled strip.

Laser Cutting

EPS achieves much faster cutting speeds than acid pickling's oil.


No dangerous welding fumes with EPS Dry, plus stronger welds.

Punching & Press Brake

EPS exhibits no advantages or disadvantages vs. acid pickled.

Shop Cleanliness

EPS' no oil means cleaner shop and no dirt sticking to "oily parts".

Worker Skin Irritation

HRPO's oil often causes skin rashes. No such problem with EPS dry.


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