Eco Pickled Surface, EPS, is a proven, patented process to replace acid pickling of flat rolled steel. It is used around the world to descale any hot rolled steel, including stainless. Unlike acid pickling, the EPS process is safe and completely harmless to the environment. The economics of EPS processing are more favorable than acid pickling and it produces a demonstrably superior product. Explore the many advantages of EPS . . .

AHSS Coils After EPS Pickling

Handles 'Tough-to-Pickle' Steels

EPS pickles high carbon, AHSS, silicon steels fast and uniform. Acid is slow and unreliable.

EPS Version 4 Cell

Flexible EPS Line Configurations

Lines designed for coil, sheet or plate … wide or narrow. Even hybrid EPS-acid pickling lines.

EPS Economics Beats Acid Pickling

EPS Economics Beat Acid Pickling

EPS operation and maintenance costs are consistently lower than acid pickling.

EPS Hi Tech Surface Scan

EPS' High Performance Surface

Clean, rust resistant and oil-free, optimized for paint adherence and appearance.

fiber laser cutting steel

Manufacturers Prefer EPS Steel

The clean, oil-free surface is better for laser cutting, welding, stamping, rollforming.

EPS Used in Autos

Auto OEMs Demand EPS Steel

It’s tested, trialed and now EPS pickled steel is routinely used in vehicles around the world.


EPS UPDATES - Latest Developments

I’m very impressed with EPS. We proved it is rust-resistant and obtained excellent salt spray test results. It even removes silicon streaks. And with no oil, there’s less smoke in our thermal processing and our paint pretreatment system stays much cleaner.

Matt DeJong

VP of Manufacturing, DeJong Manufacturing

We produce the highest quality steel products in the most efficient, sustainable way possible. EPS is the natural fit – it produces a much better surface finish than acid pickling, it is more efficient, and it has no negative impact on the environment.

Oscar Chahín Trueba

Chief Executive Officer, Talleres y Aceros (TYASA)

Our customers love how EPS’ clean, oil-free surface laser cuts, how it lets them increase laser speed, and how the dry surface helps them throughout their other fabricating processes. Nothing else we supply elicits the positive feedback EPS does.

Terry Orsbun

GM - Evansville, IN Plant, O'Neal Steel

What attracted us to EPS was the dry surface. We bell anneal EPS coils and they leave no oil in the annealing bell or vent lines. EPS’ clean, consistent surface masks the silicon streaks that acid pickling highlights. We’ve been very happy annealing and cold reducing EPS.

Robert Costello

Vice Pres. Operations, Greer Steel Company