The Ideal Steel for Value-Added Processors

EPS’ clean, uniform, oil-free surface offers a better base for downstream processes.

Processes like galvanizing, coil coating and cold rolling perform better with EPS-pickled steel. EPS mitigates surface defects like silicon streaks, minor roll marks and pitting. Certain cleaning steps can be eliminated by virtue of the clean, oil-free EPS surface. For example, batch galvanizers who switch to EPS will no longer need an acid bath to remove HRPO’s oil.

This creates a number of far-reaching benefits for downstream processors. It also means that they no longer have to order and stock HRPO, hot roll black or pickled dry. EPS can replace them all.

Proven EPS Processing Advantages

Continuous Galvanizing
  • EPS’ zinc coating adherence ≥ acid pickled
  • EPS’ zinc spangle is smaller and more homogeneous
  • EPS Cell(s) can replace the acid pickling section of a hot strip galvanizing line
Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • EPS’ zinc coating adherence ≥ acid pickled
  • EPS’ more consistent surface offers better appearance
  • EPS oil-free parts can eliminate the acid pre-cleaning otherwise needed before galvanizing
Cold Reduction
  • EPS’ very uniform surface results in less draft
  • Ra of an EPS cold rolled surface is same as acid pickled
  • The EPS clean surface prevents contaminants from being rolled into surface
  • EPS anneals no differently than acid pickled
  • Annealing can accentuate acid’s pickling stains – EPS has none
  • EPS dry prevents oil from being deposited in annealing bell and vent lines
Material Management
  • EPS eliminates rust, mill defects, surface irregularities
  • Consolidate orders for HRPO, pickled dry and hot roll black into one single EPS order
  • EPS processing of Castrip® offers a tension-leveled dry replacement for cold rolled

“During the hot immersion galvanizing process, the oil-free EPS coil presented no issues and was processed at 25 tons/hr. The spangle on the EPS material was more uniform – smaller and more homogeneous – than the acid pickled material that preceded it.”

Franco Rachello
Project Manager
Acerias de Colombia

EPS As A Base For Galvanizing

EPS processed steel has undergone especially exacting tests for galvanizing performance. The tests subjected EPS and acid pickled coils of the same material to cold reduction, galvanizing and zinc coating adherence tests. EPS demonstrated many advantages over acid pickled material as a base for galvanizing.

Get the full details from the EPS END USE AND APPLICATION TEST REPORT >

Perform Your Own EPS Trials

Value-added processors wanting to evaluate EPS will often first send trial coils to be EPS processed, then receive the coils back, fully characterize them, and run the coils through their processes. We have received trial coils from all around the world to EPS on our line at TMW, and many trial partners have generously shared the results of their evaluations with us.

If you are interested in trialing EPS coils in your process, please submit your request using our CONTACT FORM.