Effective today, The Material Works Ltd. (TMW) is offering complete EPS Coil Lines sold, serviced and guaranteed exclusively by TMW. We call this offering EPS-Direct and it will ensure that the customer gets the very best that EPS has to offer. The EPS-Direct process will also simplify and shorten the process of ordering, installing and commissioning environment-friendly EPS lines around the world.

Highlights of EPS-Direct are a single order placed for the entire EPS line, a single point of contact for startup, commissioning support plus ongoing service, a standard optimized configuration of line equipment and controls – the EPS Gen 3 Coil Line – and a line performance guarantee by TMW.

Since implementing the first-ever EPS environment-friendly pickling line at TMW in 2007, EPS production line orders were placed with various manufacturers. During that time, TMW has recorded customer preferences, seen opportunities for innovation with terminal equipment and other components, and devised services to help make customers even more successful with EPS. EPS-Direct addresses these findings, plus it leverages our deep experience in operating our own EPS lines to deliver what we believe will be an unsurpassed value.

An EPS-Direct line consists of:

  • Quick Setup terminal equipment by Red Bud Industries.
  • Mill Duty Scale Breaker/Leveler unit with anti-crossbow station by Allor Manufacturing.
  • Advanced water filtration system by Filtertech.
  • EPS Cells manufactured by Red Bud Industries (except for China and Korea where EPS Cells are manufactured by our joint venture company, TMW Jingu Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Company Limited).
  • Seamless, advanced line controls by Applied Industrial Controls.
  • Pre-Shipment Line Integration and verification at TMW’s Technology Center.

The advantages of EPS-Direct include:

  1. Streamlined commercial arrangements with one complete quotation, one contract for the entire line and a single point of contact for sales and project management.
  2. Critical spare parts – like EPS wear parts and spare scale breaker rolls – are always included.
  3. EPS Cell water system piping can be included to simplify ordering/installation.
  4. The option for a turn-key package that incorporates all installation services except facility civil/structural and utility supply work.
  5. A single point of contact for technical consultation and drawings, including power supply requirements, water quality requirements and component placement/protection that minimizes space and maximizes performance.
  6. A seamless, integrated control system for the entire line that incorporates performance monitoring and preventative maintenance notifications. The system can keep production logs, track consumables and send alerts ahead of time indicating when wear items will need to be replaced or maintenance performed. TMW will access the system remotely to assist in performance optimization or troubleshooting.
    Customer gets access to the line’s PLC code.
  7. Extensive pre-startup ‘hands-on’ training of personnel at TMW’s EPS Coil Line in Red Bud, IL.
  8. Integrated technical documentation – maintenance, operation and startup preparation – for the entire line, presented in a single set of manuals, continuously updated and available online for 24/7 access.
  9. A guarantee of line speeds and product quality at the completion of commissioning.
  10. A single point of contact for any warranty or service issues for any part of the EPS line.

We look forward to your inquiries about EPS-Direct and the opportunity to provide you with a competitive quotation for an optimized EPS production line.

Please contact Chris Liefer at 618 282-4200 ext. 103 or send Chris an email if you have questions or would like to see the new Generation 3 EPS Coil Line in operation.

The EPS Direct Implementation Team

The EPS-Direct Implementation Team Leaders For Sales, Service and Engineering