We are pleased to announce that on February 6, 2017, the most advanced EPS technology platform – the EPS Generation 3 Coil Line – processed its first coil at the TMW Technology Center in Red Bud, Illinois. This debut of the integrated, seamless new TMW-supplied EPS Coil line features:

  • the new, high-performance ‘armor plated’ EPS Cell,
  • Allor’s tension leveler,
  • the simplified, low maintenance filtration system,
  • TMW’s state-of-the-art controls,
  • the ability to EPS low/high carbon, AHSS, silicon steel, and stainless all on the same line.

In previous updates, we provided details of how the Generation 3 Coil Line:

  • significantly increases line speed and reduces operating cost by 15%,
  • produces an even cleaner surface,
  • reduces required floor space by 40%,
  • improves line efficiency through much reduced setup and thread time, and
  • eliminates approximately 50% of EPS coil line maintenance.

The line is now pickling production coils while the many new innovations are being ‘tuned’ for optimum production performance. We are now receiving trial coils and will be accepting visitors at the completion of the startup phase.

If you would like to schedule trial coils or a visit to watch the new EPS Generation 3 Coil Line in operation, please contact Chris Liefer at 618 282-4200 ext. 103 or email Chris now.