With quite a few EPS lines now operating around the world, a substantial amount of EPS product is produced every day. Key operating parameters are being logged for each EPS Cell, then reviewed and analyzed by TMW Technical Services professionals. Their purpose is to monitor key indicators for each EPS line to make sure it is performing optimally and to anticipate preventative maintenance that might be needed.

How does this happen? The EPS Producer accesses secure online forms which are set up like a spreadsheet and ‘shared’ with TMW Technical Services. The first online form is the EPS Vitals (see sample below). Once a week during normal line operation, the Producer’s technician enters values for key operating parameters, like valve flow rates and pump pressures, into the EPS Vitals form. The Inspection Procedures of the EPS Cell Maintenance Manual (also accessible online) already requires regular monitoring of these parameters, so collecting EPS Vitals creates no additional work for the Producer. What it does create is an invaluable operating history that TMW service technicians can access 24/7 to analyze performance or diagnose possible issues. These technicians regularly review that information to make sure the EPS equipment is operating within its prescribed range and that EPS Technical Manual procedures are being followed.

The second form is the EPS Run Log. Information entered into this online form includes characteristics of each coil processed, key operating parameters, and the speed at which the coil was processed. The information is captured from the EPS Operator’s Display while the coil is running so it can be easily entered into the EPS Run Log by the operator.


Operation data entered into EPS Vitals and EPS Run Log is regularly monitored by TMW service technicians to verify that no parameters are outside of normal operating limits, no anomalies are occurring, and the line is processing at expected speeds. Though the EPS Technical Manuals provide thorough operating, inspection and maintenance procedures that, if followed, help assure trouble-free operation, this routine analysis by the TMW service technician is an additional measure of assurance.

In the event an EPS Producer contacts TMW Technical Services to report an operational or performance issue, the EPS Vitals and EPS Run Log become indispensable tools for quickly diagnosing the problem. These online logs give the TMW service technician a history of the Producer’s line that he can analyze for trends.

What does TMW charge for this condition monitoring and diagnostics service? Absolutely nothing. We feel obliged to provide this capability to make sure EPS Producers are getting the most out of their investment in EPS Technology.