In the next couple of months, ten new EPS Cells will come on line. The EPS Producers operating these cells enjoy extensive support with startup assistance, operator and maintenance technician training and easy-to-order spare and wear parts. This update explains the ‘circle of support’ that makes starting an EPS production operation straightforward and predictable.

The process begins right after the contract for EPS Cells is signed. The new EPS Producer is provided with on-line access to their full set of EPS Technical Manuals. The manuals are opened or downloaded from a private, secure web page that can be accessed from any PC, laptop or ‘smart’ device with an Internet connection (as shown in the photo on the right).

The EPS Technical Manuals consist of these three primary sets of instructions:


Having these ‘e-manuals’ online ensures EPS Producers always use the most up-to-date information – current revision number and date are listed along with a synopsis of the most recent updates.

To support preparing or building the facility that will house the EPS production line, the EPS Cell Startup Preparation Manual begins by providing all Cell weights and capacities, plus utility requirements (air, electrical, water) needed to plan for line services. The manual lists all consumable materials needed for startup – everything from grit to filtration media – providing both quantities and contact information of approved suppliers. It concludes with a comprehensive pre-startup checklist that, when completed, assures the line is ready for initial operation.

The EPS Cell OPERATIONS MANUAL offers clear, concise instructions for EPS Cell startup and shutdown, normal operation, and rapid restart from any brief interruption of service. It also includes Surface Quality Inspection procedures and Operational Troubleshooting procedures.

The Maintenance Manual contains schedules and detailed step-by-step instructions for all inspection and maintenance procedures necessary to ensure the EPS line produces at expected quality levels. The instructions include color photos of inspection of key components.

There are even links to online instructional videos of certain procedures. Where an inspection reveals an out-of-spec condition, the manual gives step-by-step instructions for component repair or replacement.

All the manuals are extensively ‘hyperlinked’, so a simple click of the mouse takes the user to any individual procedure, specs for any maintenance material and even contacts an approved supplier of that material.

In the case of a select subset of wear parts – mechanical components that gradually deteriorate from Slurry Blasting – TMW is that approved supplier. Note that complete EPS Cells will be assembled by certified equipment manufacturers around the world and these manufacturers will provide most Cell replacement parts ‘locally’ to the EPS Producer. However, certain wear parts have exacting requirements and quality control standards that TMW must guarantee, so we ask that EPS Producers procure these wear parts from TMW directly.

We’ve made it very easy for EPS Producers to identify and order replacement wear parts online. From the same private, secure web page they use to access the EPS Technical manuals, an EPS Producer can login to the EPS Online Parts Ordering Center, identify the wear parts for their EPS Cells, place an order for new parts and even receive an email confirmation of their order. It’s a lot like, but without the advertisements. The EPS Online Parts Ordering Center even advises how often to order specific wear parts, because the service life of those parts is very predictable.


Closing the EPS circle of support are our EPS Service Technicians. These experienced professionals have logged significant time operating EPS Cells and they developed the EPS Cell Maintenance procedures. They begin training a new EPS Producer’s team prior to EPS equipment even arriving on site. They explain the principles of operation, how to perform common maintenance tasks, like replacing Slurry Turbine blades, and how to access and use the EPS Technical Manuals.

After the EPS Cells arrive at the Producer’s site and the certified equipment manufacturer installs and connects all the components in accordance with the EPS Cell Startup Preparation Manual, the EPS Service Technicians arrive to supervise the startup. They first review the entire installation, checking safety and functionality of all systems. Next, they take the line through an entire startup, run material and inspect it to make sure the line is performing as expected. They monitor the system’s diagnostics to verify that all operation parameters are within expected range, and then continue training the EPS Producer’s team, gradually having them ‘take the helm.’

Before the Service Technicians depart the Producer’s site they address any issues that arose during startup and finish training of the Producer’s personnel. Should technical questions arise after initial startup, the EPS Producer has the confidence of knowing we have ’24/7′ standby support from same Service Technicians who supervised their startup and know the details of their EPS production line.