A year ago we announced plans to host a new state-of-the-art EPS Coil Line at our processing center in Red Bud, Illinois (see New Features To Debut On The EPS Coil Line at TMW). This ‘combination’ working production line and demonstration/training line, which is currently being installed in one of our Red Bud plants, features many significant enhancements that will result in much faster speeds with lower operating costs, an even cleaner surface, and much less maintenance.

The list of enhancements to the EPS cell is so extensive we are designating this new level of EPS technology as Version 2.3. This month’s update focuses on the Version 2.3 enhancements made to the EPS Turbine Chamber itself. The many further speed and operating cost reduction enhancements that are external to the actual Turbine Chamber will be shared in next month’s newsletter.


We developed a modified turbine system that more effectively and efficiently directs slurry to the strip. The result: a 23% increase in EPS speeds. This speed increase will result in a proportionate reduction in EPS operating costs!

In addition, Slurry Turbine motor power has been increased from 150 HP to 190 HP which mitigates the effects of electrical supply quality problems that exist in some regions of the world. The vast majority of this additional horsepower will not be used for areas where electricity quality is good.

  The First Version 2.3 EPS Cell In Final Assembly


A previous update (see Armour Plated EPS) described innovations that extend the service life of EPS Cell components and reduce maintenance. The Version 2.3 Cell incorporates the following additional enhancements that further extend the time between maintenance:

  • Chamber liners: new AR500 liner plates replace rhino hide and increased use of magnetic liners significantly reduces maintenance and better protects the cabinet.
  • Strip Guiding: larger cell entry and ‘bash bars’ lower the incidence of threading jams and the top pinch rolls and thread bars have been eliminated to reduce maintenance.
  • Quick Change Components: the turbine motors and remaining rolls and thread bars have been made ‘quick change’ to shorten maintenance outages.

A Version 2.2 Turbine Chamber Interior             New Version 2.3 Turbine Chamber Interior


This new version 2.3 eliminates the Skim Transfer section which has resulted in one less pump and a reduced footprint.

Next Month: EPS Coil Line Mill Duty Terminal Equipment that results in further increase of EPS speeds, lower maintenance and saves valuable plant space.