We are proud to announce the launch of our updated web site, epsprocess.com. This complete, highly secure redesign was done with the goal of giving you better tools and information for understanding and evaluating EPS technology.

An important new feature of the site is animated videos that explain EPS technology by taking you inside an operating EPS Cell so you understand at once how the technology works and why it has earned industry awards for both innovation and environmental leadership. Watch Video Now >

The site also provides useful side-by-side comparisons of EPS and acid pickling in terms of economics and performance in pickling different grades of steel. The EPS Cost Calculator remains a valuable feature of the new site (and, yes, your login credentials from the previous EPS web site still work).

And finally, the web site shares the observations and experience of many EPS customers – from steel mills and processors operating EPS lines to the fabricators using EPS product from those lines.

We are always looking to improve, so if you have questions or suggestion on the web site, please contact Chris Liefer at 618 282-4200 ext. 103.

The new EPS web site was developed by our longtime marketing partner, Mercury Business Development. We encourage you to contact them if you have similar needs.