What Downstream Processors Say About EPS

EPS-pickled coils are gaining popularity as the base material for value-added processes, like coating and cold reduction. The reasons are simple: better, more consistent surface and no oil. That leads to superior coating adhesion and a reduction in preparation steps like oil stripping and pre-wash. And those factors lead to lower costs and fewer quality claims.

Below is a small sample of what downstream processors using EPS have to say about its performance. We invite you to contact any of these users for additional detail.

“During the hot immersion galvanizing process for the EPS coil, the material did not present any issues and was processed at 25 tons/hour. The spangle obtained in this steel was more uniform, and compared to acid pickled coils of the same thickness that preceded it, the EPS coil’s spangle was smaller and more homogeneous.”

Acerias De Colombia S.A. ‐ Steel Processor and Distributor – Colombia, South America

“What attracted us to EPS was the dry surface. We bell annealed EPS coils and they left no oil in the annealing bell or vent lines. Also, EPS’ clean, consistent surface masks the silicon streaks that acid pickling highlights. We’ve been very happy annealing and cold reducing EPS.”

Greer Steel Company ‐ Flat Rolled Steel Processor – Dover, Ohio

“EPS-processed steel offers very good performance for hot dip galvanizing. It presents a very uniform, ‘tight’ finish with excellent adhesion. There is no indication that EPS-processed steel is susceptible to Iron-Zinc alloying. The EPS process can be combined with a hot strip galvanizing line in place of an acid pickling section.”

SMS-SIEMAG ‐ Steel Plant Engineering and Equipment Supplier – Dusseldorf, Germany

“To fully descale the 1018 to 1074 carbon steels we deal with, the acid pickler slows the line down 30 to 40% of where they run low carbon grades. If it’s 41XX, 51XX or 61XX alloy steels, they slow it down even more: 25% to 30% of low carbon speeds. Our EPS cell is able to run these grades very close to low carbon speeds.”

Steel Technologies, LLC. ‐ Nationwide Steel Processor/Distributor – Mishiwaka, Indiana

“The quality of the steel strip surface after EPS processing is superior to acid pickled strip. We see it and steel mill representatives who have visited our EPS Coil Line agree. EPS-processed strip steel has numerous advantages for further downstream processing of the steel.”

Metall Profil ‐ Manufacturer of Light Gauge Roofing & Wall Panels – Moscow, Russia

Claim the EPS Advantages – Start An EPS Trial

Value-added downstream processors wanting to evaluate EPS send trial coils to be EPS processed, then receive the coils back, fully characterize them, and run the coils through their processes. We have received trial coils from all around the world to EPS on our line at TMW, and many trial partners have generously shared the results of their evaluations with us.

If you are interested in trialing EPS coils in your process, please submit your request using our CONTACT FORM.