Leak-Proof Steel Plant Projects of Mumbai, India has been qualified as an EPS Coil Line manufacturer. In addition, LPSPP is uniquely well-qualified to retrofit existing acid-pickling plants by replacing acid tanks with EPS Cells.

One of LPSPP’s predecessor companies had previously designed and built over 20 acid pickling lines in India in the period 1985 – 2006. In 2009, this firm was merged into Leak-Proof Steel Plant Projects, a supplier of integrated flat rolled steel processing lines, as well as acid regeneration and recovery systems. Today’s LPSPP supplies continuous and push-pull acid pickling lines, slitting and cut-to-length lines and, through its partner companies, coil coating, galvanizing and tinning lines.

Mr. Arvind Josi, Managing Director of LPSPP, believes EPS technology is what the Indian steel industry needs now. “Steel capacity is still growing in India, but the hazardous nature of hydrochloric acid makes additional acid pickling most unwelcome. We see opportunities for new, complete EPS Coil-to-Coil Lines, but we also see opportunities for replacing acid tanks with EPS Cells in existing acid pickling lines. That allows you to speed up the line, reduce the consumption of acid and provide a better product with improved surface texture. We also intend to integrate EPS pickling capability into the slitting and cut-to-length lines we offer.”