The core of the TMW’s Technical Services Group – Tim Voss, Brian Neuner and Dan Lettau – have really come to appreciate a home cooked meal. Why? Because it’s been such a rare treat for the past several months. The trio has been crisscrossing the Atlantic since late last year to supervise final installation, startup and personnel training of three new EPS installations – two completed in Russia and one still underway in Spain.

Dan Lettau, Tim Voss and Brian Neuner enjoy some time back in Red Bud

“Honestly, the only drawback was jet lag,” explains Voss. “Once we were at the installation sites, it was pretty smooth sailing. The Russian projects were new greenfield sites and they are first class. These companies did a great job on the facilities and line installation. Their people were really motivated to know the details of EPS and to start producing.”

Metall Profil’s 2-Cell EPS Coil Line

The first line in Russia is a 2-Cell EPS Coil Line located in Lobnya, a suburb of Moscow. It is owned and operated by Metall Profil, a designer and producer of corrugated sheet, metal tiles and materials for steel wall panel and roofing systems supplied throughout Russia and the CIS. Metall Profil operates 17 production facilities with significant coil processing. Its new EPS line, with an annual production capacity of 350,000 metrics tonnes, pickles hot rolled material up to 3.5 mm thick. After EPS processing, the material is cold rolled which takes advantage of the clean, uniform EPS surface to produce Metall Profil’s high-precision products.

The Metall Profil 2-Cell EPS Coil Line

Metall Profil engineers were attracted to the cleanliness and simplicity of the EPS process compared to acid pickling, and have been very pleased with the resulting product. Chief Technology Officer, Alexander Guk remarked, “The quality of the steel strip surface after EPS processing is superior to acid pickled strip. That provides for higher quality of finished products made from the steel. In addition, EPS-processed coils do not need oiling and can be stored indoors for months without rusting. This helps to cut costs and simplify subsequent processing.”

Read the full article published in Metal Russia for more details on how Metall Profil’s EPS line performance has fully met their expectations.

Brandsteel’s EPS Sheet/Plate Line

The second EPS installation is a one cell EPS Sheet Line operated by Brandsteel Service Metal Center. Brandsteel was established specifically to supply EPS processed sheet and plate in thickness 3 mm to 25 mm and sheet sizes up to 2000 mm wide by 12,000 mm long. Product from the EPS line, located in Naberezhnye Chelny in the Tatarstan region of Russia, is supplied to automotive, ship building and tank/pressure vessel industries, with some processed in-house on Brandsteel’s state-of-the-art plasma tables.

Some of the early sheets processed on the Brandsteel EPS Sheet/Plate Line

Prospective Brandsteel customers are excited about the chance to use clean, descaled plate. Acid pickling cannot descale such heavy gauges (the EPS line pickles up to 25 mm), but at the Brandsteel EPS line unveiling event, they saw a new product that will eliminate the shot blasting they typically have to perform.

“The unveiling was apparently quite an event,” Dan Lettau remarks. “This Sheet Line is beautiful just as it is, but Brandsteel really did some dramatic staging for it. They pulled out all the stops to make a great impression on their new EPS customers. I think it worked!”

Watch the video highlights of the Brandsteel EPS Line unveiling.