In the nearly 6 months since Lee Steel Corporation started processing coils on its 2-Cell EPS Coil line, this leading flat-rolled steel service center has gained substantial experience ‘pickling’ a wide variety of steels. Now, in a new 5 minute video, Lee Steel leaders share their views of the EPS line performance and the product it turns out.

This 2-Cell EPS line features Version 2.2 EPS Cells – the most productive EPS design to date – plus an integrated scalebreaker. This combination is achieving line speeds in excess of 200 ft/min (61 m/min).

Just as important, the line is producing consistently high-quality surface. In the words of Lee Steel President Zack Taylor, “We don’t get the black patches anymore. We don’t get the line stops anymore, we don’t get the discoloration that acid pickling is known for. It’s just a continuous satin finish throughout the coil from head to toe.” Lee Steel is achieving this kind of quality for harder, higher carbon steels, 6150 grades and alloy steels. The video shows a number of such coils ‘before and after’ EPS processing.

Finally, Lee Steel Plant Manager Dave Keffer shares his thoughts on the automation and ease of operation of the line, commenting, “It’s easy to learn, easy to run . . . I can do it myself.”