Talleres y Aceros (TYASA) has ordered a two-cell EPS Coil Line to complete what is arguably the most advanced, environmentally-friendly minimill facility in the world. The EPS line, which will employ the latest Version 2.2 technology, will descale hot rolled strip up to 1.9 mm (0.075”) thick and 1830 mm (72”) wide in coils up to 33,100 kg (73,000 lbs.). Startup is projected for early 2017.

The TYASA steel campus at Ixtaczoquitlan in the state of Veracruz, Mexico was envisioned from the beginning as being a highly efficient, low emissions source of prime steel products for Mexico’s construction and manufacturing industries. The steelmaking itself takes place in the world’s first Simetal EAF Quantum electric arc furnace, designed and built by Siemens VAI Metals Technologies. This state-of-the-art meltshop has an annual capacity of 1.2 million tons.

The new TYASA Steelmaking Facility in Ixtaczoquitlan

Much of that capacity will supply a new Castrip® thin-strip casting facility, the first Castrip mill outside of Nucor. The new EPS line, built by Red Bud Industries, is specially configured to process this thin-strip product. The line consists of a Coil Staging/Loading System, Uncoiler, Peeler/Breaker, entry Crop Shear, Stitcher, the EPS Cells, Strip Dryer, Electrostatic Oiler (used for the occasional requests for oiled EPS), exit Crop Shear, Tension Stand, Recoiler and exit coil staging/packaging area.

Oscar Chahin Trueba, CEO of TYASA, commented on the decision to bring EPS technology to the Ixtaczoquitlan facility: “Since our beginning in 1985, we have focused on producing the highest quality steel products for our customers, with no compromises. The technologies we selected for this new facility continue that tradition, but allow us to do so in the most efficient, most sustainable way possible. EPS is the natural fit because it produces a much better surface finish than acid pickling, it is more efficient, and it has no wastes or negative impacts on the environment. And it is proven technology.”

Castrip is a registered trademark of Castrip LLC.