Helping To Make EPS Processors Successful

EPS operational activities are quite simple and easy to learn. An EPS line features a level of automation that makes startup ‘push button’ simple. Line speed is automatically controlled and adjusted in real time. In fact, we operate our entire EPS Coil Line – including material handling and routine maintenance checks – with only two operators.

But beyond operations, proper installation and timely, correct maintenance are essential to successful EPS processing. TMW supports EPS processors in several ways:

  • Installation drawings, documents, services
  • Line startup inspection, testing, commissioning
  • Complete personnel training – operation and maintenance
  • Continuously updated online technical documentation
  • Sources and online ordering of supplies and repair parts

“EPS automation is great. The line controls are really easy to learn. I brought in a new employee just 3 weeks ago and he’s already operating the line.

The line automation makes everything easy and pretty much hands free. Once you have the material threaded, you hit that ‘AUTO’ button and it feeds up through the entire line and into the recoiler.”

Operations Manager
North American EPS Processor

EPS Performance Monitoring Support

Once a week during normal line operation, the EPS processor’s technician enters key operating parameters, like flow rates and pump pressures, into a secure online form.  Information taken from the EPS Operator’s Display while coils are running is also entered into the form.  This data is regularly reviewed by TMW service technicians to verify no parameters are outside of normal operating limits, no anomalies are occurring, and the line is processing at expected speeds. 

In addition, should an EPS processor report a performance issue, this information becomes indispensable for diagnosing the problem, as it gives the TMW Service Team a history of the line that can be analyzed for trends.

Easy Ordering of EPS Replacement Parts

EPS consumable supplies like grit and slurry additive can be sourced in every region directly from approved suppliers. Wear parts like turbine wheel blades, slurry supply spouts and other items must be replaced from time-to-time, and these are available directly from the online EPS Parts Store.

The EPS Parts Store is a secure, online catalog of EPS wear parts that displays part numbers, photos, descriptions and estimated replacement intervals. It has a shopping cart function that allows you to select the parts you need and order them directly from TMW’s active stock for fast shipment. The EPS Parts Store makes ordering EPS wear parts as easy as ordering a book or a soccer ball online.

Replacement parts for EPS Cell wear items are easily identified and ordered online from the EPS Parts Store. (click image to enlarge)