TMW has invested in new equipment to increase its Stretcher Leveling Cut-to-Length capacity to meet the growing demand for the EPS Unlimited product. The work is being carefully staged to be completed by July 2018 with no interruption in service to TMW customers.

We started up our Generation 3 EPS Coil Line in March, knowing there was immediate demand for EPS coils. However, the demand for EPS Unlimited – the Stretcher Leveled EPS sheet product – really took off at the same time. EPS Unlimited is our unique application of EPS Pickling and Stretcher Leveling to produce an ultra-clean, oil-free, ‘stay-flat’ sheet product for which we provide this guarantee:

EPS Unlimited will meet or exceed the performance of:

• Acid Pickled & Oiled • Acid Pickled Dry • Hot Roll Black
• Temper Passed • Roller Leveled

against these criteria:

• Paint Adhesion • Paint Corrosion
• Laser Cutting Speed • Flatness After Lasering

or we buy the steel under our money back guarantee.

With a wider EPS thickness range of 1.2 mm – 9.5 mm and flexibility to EPS in coil, demand is growing quickly.

To meet our increased demand, we are upgrading our heavy gauge Stretcher Leveler with a new roller leveler, shear, threading system, stretcher frames and PLC controls to increase its overall capacity. We will make similar upgrades to our lighter gauge Stretcher Leveler, both increasing its throughput and allowing it to stretch material up to 4.7 5mm”.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of EPS Unlimited, run trial quantities, or receive a processing quote, contact Chris Liefer at 618-282-4200 ext.103, or email Chris now.